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Hurghada and first video production… Transportation in Hurghada

I woke up very early at 5 am and could not sleep again.

I went out by 5:30 playing motivating music as I decided not to give up!

I reached “elzaeem” cafeteria at “Aldhahhar Square” by 7:30 am and kept working on editing “Transportation in Hurghada” until 5pm. After I finished, I thought the video is very good now and everyone will love it. However, when Ayman and Amani watched it they did not like it very much yet they agreed that it is much better than yesterday’s one!

I would like to have your opinion also about it… below is the link:

Your feedback is highly appreciated… see you tomorrow.


Hurghada and wish me good luck…!!!


I woke up today by 6:30am and left home by 6:45.

As usual, I went to Meshmesha Café, had my coffee there and planned my day.

I planned to collect the needed materials for my “Transportation in Hurghada” video and blog entry in Travelatory. These materials were to go to (Hurghada airport, Seqalla sq, Aka sq, and Aldhahhar sq) and record videos there about different means of transportation from/to (like planes and buses) and inside Hurghada (e.g. Microbuses, taxis and car rental).

I was caught from the police at Hurghada airport because it was not allowed to record videos at the airport! This happened after I really suffered going through lots obstacles getting to the airport! Anyways, they “released” me after “watching” all the videos I recorded and found nothing suspicious about them!!!

Anyway, I continued the journey of the day and went to the other places but realized that it is really difficult to say all the information I have in the middle of the squares especially that in each square there was an authoritative entity and I did not want to get caught again! 😀 So I snapped some photos, and recorded quickly some short video which I hope I would be able to use producing my video after adding the audio at home!

Moreover, I did not find any source that can tell me any information about microbuses (the only public transportation) routes in Hurghada! I decided to draw the routes of them on a map, but couldn’t get one either. That’s why I drew one and drew the routes on it and I hope to find an electronic method to drew them and include it in the video!

See you tomorrow!

A real night in a non-nightlife city (Langkawi, Malaysia)

Langkawi is known for for it’s beautiful amazing nature, but unfortunately you cannot enjoy your night out there. Except for one place called Sunba. However, and thanks to the hostel guy, I think I should mention it’s name. (Zackry Guesthouse). We all shared RM10 and brought a band to party in the main hall of the hostel. And that’s a video of this unforgettable night:

Langkawi Day 3 (Malaysia Day 6)

 Cable Car, The Seven Wells Waterfall, The taxi driver, Lunch at the ferry Terminal, Langkawi Eagle


And here we go for the last day at Langkawi…

Waking up a little late by 9am (we were planning to wake up by 7am) made us cancel going to Pentai Tengah Beach!

Scooter and Nature
Scooter and Nature

We rode the scooter and headed to Langkawi’s cable car… on the way nature was really breathtaking:

IMAG2778 IMAG2796 IMAG2817

We decided not to take the cable car, because we were really in a low budget. It’s cost was RM30. We went to a cafe there, to have a drink or something and take a break. Then we headed to

The Seven Wells Waterfall

IMAG2840 IMAG2832

It happened that we found some locals enjoying their time there. It was Friday (weekend), so I guess that’s why we met lots of locals there…

Locals enjoying secen wells waterfalls
Locals enjoying seven wells waterfalls

We continued climbing, but it seemed that the climb doesn’t have a dead-end.

And a snake found us, which Walid tried to catch 😀 :

We reached a certain area after which we thought it would be really dangerous to proceed!

At Langkawi10

This place could be only for the fit! You really climb a long way up!!!

We were sorry seeing that the time is now 11:30. We must go back now and pack our thing for the ferry at 2 pm.

We arrived at the hostel after returning the bike by 12:30. packed our bags and leaved by 1:00.

We took a taxi to the ferry terminal. The taxi driver was really a very interesting guy. We found in his car coins from almost all countries. I asked him whether he has the Egyptian Pound or not (I could have given it to him,) but he told me that he has it and showed it to me :D.

Then he started talking about the country and differences between Arab tourists and Europeans/Americans. It was common there that Arabs have lots of money and that they stay in the most expensive resorts, while Europeans/Americans are really very careful about spending their money that they almost don’t spend anything. We came across this subject because we saw a European backpacker walking from the ferry terminal to Pentai Cenang (around 40 KM) in a really hot weather and burning sun. He told us: “this guy was bargaining with me about the fare. He only wanted to pay RM15, while the fare is RM30. Most Europeans and Americans here wait at the ferry terminal for others to share the fare. They sometimes wait for long hours, and if they didn’t find any, they either walk or just pay the RM30.” He was really interesting and his English was very good unlike most locals.

We arrived at the ferry terminal by 1:15. We were hungry so we went to the ferry terminal food court to have something to eat:

At Langkawi12

The place was really nice, and the food was not expensive, We took a good meal with a drink for RM8 each! But the taste was lacking the Asian touch. It was a bit Americanized!

It’s now 1:30. We still have 30 minutes and we didn’t take photos with Langkawi Eagle!!!

Yes, we headed there quickly! We RAN to it, took some photos:

At Langkawi13

recorded a video:

and left Also RUNNING 😀 to the ferry which headed to Penang island just on time 🙂


And let’s call it a post :D… I will post about my our stay in Penang island/Georgetown in the next post inshaallah (God willing)…