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Hurghada and sleeping in Hurghada!


I woke up by 7:30 am and got off by 7:45 am, arriving at alzaeem café by 8:15 at Aldhahhar sq.

I had my breakfast and my cup of tea, planned my day and started moving around Hurghada.

I decided to gp first to Anba Shenouda Church. It was really nice, but unfortunatelly they did not allow me as an Egyptian to take photos inside the church! However, foreigners are allowed to take photos!!! Anyway, I managed to take some photos from outside!

Then, I head towards Senzo Mall, recorded some videos there, and came back to Aldahhar where Center Libya is located. I recorded another video over there and got lots of valuable information that I would need in my video.

Later on, I went to Almazareta café at Mubarak 8 district to recharge my mobile and have some rest.

Afterwards, I went to pray El Asr at the local mosque of Mubarak 8 district which is called “Masjid Alrouda”. It is a really nice and big masjid. I prayed and had some rest at the Masjid while recharging my mobile.

Then I went to Sheraton street, recorded some videos at the street and at Seagull mall which is in the same street. Then I continued walking along the courniche and recorded the video about accommodation in Hurghada.

Then I went home for lunch and rest!

Afterwards, I went to Dhahhar Market, recorded it and
went back home for sleeping.

See you tomorrow inshaAllah J

Hurghada and first video production… Transportation in Hurghada

I woke up very early at 5 am and could not sleep again.

I went out by 5:30 playing motivating music as I decided not to give up!

I reached “elzaeem” cafeteria at “Aldhahhar Square” by 7:30 am and kept working on editing “Transportation in Hurghada” until 5pm. After I finished, I thought the video is very good now and everyone will love it. However, when Ayman and Amani watched it they did not like it very much yet they agreed that it is much better than yesterday’s one!

I would like to have your opinion also about it… below is the link:

Your feedback is highly appreciated… see you tomorrow.

Hurghada and first shooting experience…

IMAG1396I started the day by sitting in “Elmazareta Zaman” Café. A very local Cafeteria near home, but the wifi there is good! It is not very clean though!!!

I stayed there for around three hours watching some videos to learn techniques from and planning for my day!

I moved towards “Elmamsha Elseyahi” by 10 am. In my way there, I found an abandoned beach in which I thought it might be a good place for shooting my video! I went there and recorded many videos. It took me around 2 hours, and I thought that I am good to go with my first video.

By 12pm, I went to Ayman, my brother, at work and stayed with him for half an hour. Then I went to a nearby cafeteria called “Arabesk” which was a bit expensive but good! There was no wifi there but the atmosphere was great. I did not need the wifi anyway as I needed to work editing my video.

I kept working on the video for around three hours, then I went back to Ayman at work and continued working for another one hour until we left.

We went home and had lunch together and I thought it might be a good idea to let them watch my video and tell me their opinions about it…

They did not like it at all and they thought it was boring… !!!

I felt disappointed!

But I thought I will work on making it better or even make a new one and I will not give up!

I felt asleep from disappointment… very early!!!

But I thought I will work on making it better or even make a new one and I will not give up!

I felt asleep from disappointment… very early!!!

Hurghada and hopes

IMAG1385[1]I woke up by 7:30 am, and went out to stayin Meshmesha Café. I had a cup of coffee there and planned my day.

I went to the banks to finish some financial issues, but unexpectedly it took me around 6 hours to finish all of them!

After that, I went to Samir & Aly stationary bookstores and bought a notebook and a pen.

Later I went and stayed with my bother Ayman at his workplace for about half an hour in which I had lunch!

Then I went to another cafeteria called Masr Zaman and tried to prepare for the videos about travelling.

Then I tried to go to the airport and tried to record the first video there, but I couldn’t reach there before sunset so I decided to postpone it for tomorrow.

Instead I recorded some random thoughts about my impressions about Hurghada.

See you tomorrow… Amir