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Hurghada, Egypt (Day 3)

The third day was kinda a family day. That is, we went (me, my brother, his wife and his son) to a have dinner in Star Fish (the most famous restaurant in Hurghada). The restaurant was so good, elegant and the taste was excellent. These are some of the photos we had there:

IMAG0931 IMAG0933 IMAG0934 IMAG0956

Later on,

We went to the New Marina area and walked by for some time, and those are some of the photos we took there:

IMAG0979 IMAG0965 IMAG0962

And that was all for the Hurghada trip!!!


Hurghada, Egypt (Day 1)

It started on 05apr15. I decided to take a trip to Hurghada.  I decided to travel by bus with East Delta. The price of the ticket was EGP80.

I took the bus at 11:55pm on the 4th of April and arrived by 5:30am the next day. The seats were a bit uncomfortable, but survivable 😀

I stayed with Ayman, my brother. So I did not have to pay for accommodation.

On the first day we went to a sea-sports trip called “Alterigo” which was really amazing:

The whole group on board!
The whole group on board!
Me and Ayman on Alterigo boat
Me and Ayman on Alterigo boat

We arrived at the boat by 8:30am, and started the fun. There were lots of activities on the boat (snorkeling, diving, fishing and banana boat)

First Day (Altrigo trip)1

swim to the boat... swim to boat!
swim to the boat… swim to boat!

Afterwards, we had dinner by 1pm, and then went to another boat, in which there is an underwater part with glass… so you can see through:

The boat from outside
The boat from outside
the boat from inside
some photos we took from inside the boat
some photos we took from inside the boat


And that’s a really short video about our experience in the seascope submarine:

Afterwards, we went home to rest. Then we tried to do something in the evening, but we ended up sitting in 2ahwa baladi at Sherry street.

We went home by 1 am and that was all for today!