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Penang (Georgetown) Day 1 (Malaysia Day 7)

The Ferry trip (from Langkawi to Penang), How we met the first street hooker, Clockwise hostel, Food Paradise.


The ferry trip was a really nice one. We expected that it would take around six hours. Surprisingly, it took only around three hours! The ferry was air-conditioned however I liked the idea that they allow you to stay outside on the deck of the ferry. I took advantage of that and spend 90% of the trip out there enjoying the ocean.

I didn’t expect to find that huge number of Arabs in the ferry; nearly 60% of the ferry passengers were Arabs. Most of them were honeymooners.

Once we reached the harbor, we did really find the difference between the atmosphere that Langkawi created. Langkawi is really a quite island for relaxation, while Penang is a busy city just like Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t like how taxi drivers received us with insistence that we should ride with any of them. However we ignored just all of them! Our hostel was just of a 15 minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

We bought a drink from a drink machine near the ferry terminal and started the walk relying on the GPS of my mobile. Unfortunately, the battery died before we could reach there, and we started the guessing!

And after 30 minutes of walk, we decided to stop and search for a place where we can recharge the mobile and go GPS again! And before we sat in Subway, I met the first street hooker in my life! OMG! They are for real!!! There are some girls who dress in a certain kind of cloth wearing excessive make-up making special sexy movements with their body to grab your attention! And, most important, is the whistle they make to make you look at them and notice their existence. I knew that it’s unique because all street-hooker were doing it there!

Although the time was around 6 pm, and it was like 2 hours before sunset, she was standing there in a corner, cornering her body on a scooter and whistling for any passerby. And I was one of them! Anyway, we just passed by her without giving her much attention, but of course we didn’t stop talking about her for a while! 😀

We stayed at Subway for around half an hour until the mobile was quarterly recharged. We started the walk again and on our way we met another guy who volunteered to help through providing us with lots of information about the city  which was fairly valuable. Then we went to the clockwise hostel. Where is it?! The GPS says it’s here! But there are no hostels here!!!

We found a pretty young carpenter girl working in the street in some chairs. We asked her: “excuse me, where can I find clockwise hostel?” She smiled to us and said: “Welcome! Do you have a reservation?” We said: “yeaaas!” And… she guided us through a really tiny door without any sign on it that tells it’s a hostel!

We knew that the place was new and that’s why it was offering a lot for a really cheap price! We booked in an AC 8 bed dorm for RM23/night. That’s really cheap! The place was really clean and well-maintained. The WiFi was super-fast. The AC was functioning great and silent. However, they didn’t have drinking water or a proper place to sit at except a small one and it was hot and dark. The main hall/cafe was still under-construction!

We got inside the dorm, had a quick shower and decided to go walk down the streets!

We heard that Penang is a food paradise, and that’s why we tastes so many kinds of food along our way!

At Penang

And we just toured around the city at night, walking through some bars, passing by street-hookers and resting at different kinds of restaurants 😉

We went back to the hostel around 12 am to find our roommates there in the dorm. It was a high school trip to Penang from Kuala Lumpur. They were really nice guys. We spent some two hours speaking about different topics till we felt asleep!

And Tomorrow is the big day at Penang… Follow me, if you don’t want to miss it!