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A really good breakfast from a really cheap hostel, Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum, wheely boat, Malacca Malls, Transitional bus, Kuala Lumpur airport (KLIA), Closure.

We woke up by 9 am. The hostel (AJIT Guest House & Hotel) was really good about breakfast! We ate a lot of watermelon for free, 2 eggs, jam, butter and toast. That’s a lot!!! 😀

We headed to Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum, which was small but beautiful from outside!


in the streets we found that wheely boat 😀


We then knew that you can take it for an excursion that goes around the city including the river! INTERESTING!!!

What a big lizard!!!

Baba-Nonya House Museum was our next station. We, unfortunatelly, couldn’t get inside because we ran out of money! 😦 However we managed to get some photos by it:

IMAG3497 IMAG3501 IMAG3506

We had our bus at 2:30 pm and it was around 12 now. So, we decided to go for a round inside the malls (the sun of Malacca is really hurting)! What we noticed is that prices were really really cheap, and we were really sorry for not saving any money for shopping!!!


Then we went to the hostel for the check out.

The bus (Transitional) was really good and cheap RM25. It went directly to the airport so we didn’t have to worry about missing our flight!

We arrived at the airport three hours before the departure time. We decided to spent the last RM10 we have on a meal from the airport, and we managed to find a cheap one there:

And that was the last meal we had in Malaysia!
And that was the last meal we had in Malaysia!

Once we hopped inside the plane and got welcomed by the Egyptian staff, we felt home again! And it was a nice feeling 🙂 However we both felt really sad for leaving!!!

And you can see that in our last video in Malaysia:

The End.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Malacca (Melaka) DAY 1 (MALAYSIA DAY 10)

A comfortable bus trip Penang ==> Malacca with New Asian Travel , how our hostel AJIT Guest House & Hotel was, Menara Taming SariStadthuysMalacca Heritage CentreSt. Paul’s Hill (Bukit St. Paul)Malacca Sultanate PalaceRed Square (Dutch Square)Queen Victoria’s FountainJonker StreetMalacca River.

It was a really  nice bus that we booked from Penang to Malacca. The seats were big, wide, 160 degrees adjustable and comfy! Book with “New Asian Travel” they are really great! The price was expensive, I admit, but it’s the only direct and cheapest way to get from Penang to Malacca. It was for RM50, but it’s really worth it!

We had a really funny situation: we arrived at the gathering point five minutes earlier (9:55). We went directly to the ticketing office asking about the bus. There was a guy there claiming that the bus left! We PANICKED. OMG! And then he pointed at the clock and it was 10:05. We said “it’s wrong.” The clock is not right!!! When he saw us panicking that way he said: “calm down I am just kidding” :@

I wanted to smash that guy’s head but couldn’t! 😀 He happened also to be Egyptian living there 25 years ago. He kept talking with us about his experience in Thailand and Malaysia. We didn’t care about all that. All we cared about was the bus. 😀

The bus moved at 10:45 and dropped us at Malacca by 5:15 am. All the way we were sleeping of course. Then we went to the main station searching for how to reach to our hostel!

The station was almost empty at that time, and almost all the shops were closed except Mac. We got inside it and ordered a breakfast. Then we kept waiting for the day to start at Malacca!

By 6:30, the station started to be alive. We went looking for our bus which we took and went to AJIT Guest House & Hotel. The place is really close to Menara Taming Sari (a very important landmark). We asked the receptionist to just leave our bags, and then we can come back after the check-in time (2pm). He asked for extra charge RM10 each for early check-in! We told him we don’t want to pay any extra charges, we just need to leave our bags and we can come back by 2pm and get our room! He said “no problem go get your room for no extra charges”. That was late, but so nice of him 🙂

The place was “good”. We booked in it a “Basic Twin Private Shared Bathroom” for RM25 for each/night. That was a good rate there! The room was big and clean with a fan, a small table and 2 single beds. However, the toilet wasn’t very good, small and we saw ants in it! All in all we stayed for just one night and the place was great for that according to the price we paid!

We got some rest, a shower and then started our master-day at Melacca:

Menara Taming Sari was the first place to visit:

At Melaka

It’s so nice, however -unfortunately- we could not afford to get in it! The ticket was for RM15. We just decided to stop by and take some photos.

Then we continued walking around in the streets:


And we stumbled by this “amazing” train! It’s not only a train, but also a bazaar! Yes, you can get inside and buy some amazing souvenirs 😀

Then we headed to Stadthuys:


There is nothing much to do there! You can just enjoy it if you read about it and have a really good background!

We went to Malacca Heritage Centre which is at St. Paul’s Hill (Bukit St. Paul) and took some great photos:


IMAG3359 IMAG3364


Hehe 😀

All these was for free of course!

Then we headed to Malacca Sultanate Palace. The place is really amazing and very informative! It was also very cheap (RM2 only):

IMAG3398 IMAG3406 IMAG3407 IMAG3409 IMAG3412

That was really an amazing experience, and I consider this palace the best ever in Melacca.

Watch that cute cat cleaning itself by the palace 🙂

We then headed to Red Square (Dutch Square) which is so nice including the Queen Victoria’s Fountain. You must go there for some photos!

IMAG3415 IMAG3511

We were so hungry by then, so we went and had some good Malay food.

Then we went back to the hostel for some rest (the sun is really burning here)!

Jonker Street was where we headed after 2 hours rest in the hostel. Unfortunately we found it empty!!! Al the shops were closed and there was nothing to do there except walking in an empty street!

That was an interesting video that we took for some people exercising some weird kind of sport!

Then we went to Kampung Hulu Mosque. Very nice architecture!


Then we continued walking on the streets randomly taking some photos:

IMAG3428 IMAG3442

Until we reached Malacca River which was really nice by night:

IMAG3459 IMAG3460 IMAG3465 IMAG3469 At Melaka2

We really had a plenty of time and we couldn’t find anything to do except just walking on the street and by the river!

And that’s why we thought about going to the beach and sit by it for sometime 🙂 So romantic 😀 hehe

Well, we did, and I wish we didn’t 😀 because I faced a difficult situation by the sea! My “Whole” leg immersed suddenly into the sand! And I thought for a while that I may die here!!! But, thanks God I managed to get myself out of the sand. However this incident marred all the clothes I was wearing and we had to go to the hostel quickly!

I washed my cloth in the toilet, I couldn’t put them like that in my bag and didn’t have enough time for hostel laundry! This sea really gave me hard time that night :@ .

Stay tuned for my last day in Malacca and whole Malaysia…