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Learn how to make a paper-plane with that oldman (Penang, Malaysia)

We stumbled on this artist while walking in Georgetown (Penang island) streets. He was really old, but he can do amazing work!!!



Clan Jetties, Khoo Kongsi Temple, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Malaysian Police Celebrating, Fort Cornwallis, 3D street art gallery, Dharmikarama Burmese Temple, Wat Chayamangkalaram, Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple, Penang Botanical Gardens and Red Garden food court.

We started the day by going to Clan Jetties. Which was a nice experience to make shopping above the sea! Yes, and cheap it was. You can buy souvenirs from there, and clothes for cheap prices but don’t forget to bargain.


Then we continued walking in the streets and we stumbled by some nice street wall arts like this one:

At Penang1

Then we went to the amazing Khoo Kongsi Temple, but we didn’t enter inside as it had an entry fees of RM10, and we were really on a law budget!

We continued walking and we stumbled by an amazing man doing paper-planes… You gotta have a look at this movie:

Kapitan Keling Mosque was our next station. It was really magnificent and you cannot miss it. The Architecture of the building from the outside is breathtaking:

Well, yes. You are right! The weather was very hot and it was sunny! I couldn’t smile better than that! 😀

The place of Ablution of the mosque was really different than any I’ve ever seen before:


That’s it!!! Well, I think it’s not very healthy and I don’t like the idea! However that was unique and worth documenting.

Then we continued walking… and we didn’t expect to be that lucky in that day! We had the chance to attend a Malaysian Police Celebration! Yes, it’s true! It was fascinating, and I edited the following video about it and I hope you will like it 🙂

They were all really very friendly with us, and as you can see they even allowed us to share the dance with them! Food and drink was offered by the end of the show. It’s was very simple, but for free and all of them were really simple and cooperative with each other from different ranks (soldiers andofficers). It was amazing how they could mingle with each others and with the citizens! I really liked the atmosphere!!!

That was amazing!!!

Fort Cornwallis was next… Entry fees was really cheap! It was around RM2, and we didn’t know why except when we entered 😀 It is really a small one and there are nothing much to discover except very few, and I can tell all was worthless inside except the idea that you can read the history of the place. Another interesting thing is that you can have a very nice view of the ocean from there. Moreover, they were really creative to bring some statues and art sets for visitors to take photos with. I didn’t regret entering it, after all I paid RM2 only!

IMAG2989 IMAG2990 IMAG2995

And then we went to 3D street art gallery and had some amazing photos there:

IMAG3007 IMAG3016 IMAG3017 IMAG3023

Beautiful! Aren’t they?!

Dharmikarama Burmese Temple was our next destination…


It’s a really big Buddhist temple, and it’s intrinsic to visit it to know about the culture of those people!

I witnessed inside those two beautiful temples many prayers for different people. I gathered them all in this video and hope you will like it 🙂

Those are some of the teachings/ stories that were in the temple. It tells you much about Buddhism. Its interesting to have a look at them:

At Penang2

And we had a chance to go through the temple, and take some photos from inside, including some of the praying rituals:

IMAG3049 IMAG3054 IMAG3056 IMAG3061 IMAG3062 IMAG3063 IMAG3064 IMAG3069 IMAG3071 IMAG3077 IMAG3078

And then we went for the Wat Chayamangkalaram temple which is just across the street. It is very similar to the other one but the architecture is really different! You can see for yourself:

This is how the temple looks like from outside
The temple is very famous of the reclining Buddha. It’s realaly huge!
And yes! These are tombs!

IMAG3085 IMAG3086 IMAG3088 IMAG3089 IMAG3091 IMAG3096 IMAG3097 IMAG3101 IMAG3102 IMAG3103 IMAG3105 IMAG3107 IMAG3108 IMAG3110 IMAG3112 IMAG3113 IMAG3114

Street-nature is really magnificent here! We went for some after the two temples dose!

IMAG3124 IMAG3129

And we felt like walking, so we kept walking on the city streets enjoying nature, and more nature. Later we stumbled by a very beautiful tomb:


We are very thirsty by now! We drank all the water we have, kept looking for somewhere to buy a bottle, but no hope! Thanks God, we passed by a Buddhist society building for children (where children come to learn through activities.) We were very thirsty that we decided to go inside and ask for water! 😀 It was a bit embarrassing at the beginning, but the people there were very friendly and they gave us a full bottle of water, and we even played a little with the children 🙂 I am sorry I know it may seem unworthy incident, but I just thought this is worth mentioning!

Anyway, I believe we just arrived Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple now! It was really empty and isolated place! It’s ranked #7 on TripAdvisor, so we thought maybe today is a holiday or something, but once we climbed the very long way up there we realized why was that as they have visiting hours and we weren’t in any! We didn’t want to wait for the next visiting hour. This would result in not visiting another place we planned. So we just took some rest, toured around the place from outside, and of course took some photos:

IMAG3137 IMAG3139


And the next photos shows how high you have to climb for that temple 😀

IMAG3144 IMAG3147_1 IMAG3148


And while descending, I saw some beautiful statues that I’d like to share with you hoping that you may like them:

At Penang3

Yes, and then we decided to go for Penang Botanical Gardens. We were very tired, but it was really close by!

We just went there, and we just had one of the most amazing, unexpected and exhausting experiences in our lives!

Instead of enjoying the garden, we, unintentionally, played exercises! LOL! Yes, we even don’t know how we made it?! We are now in front of the garden’s gate sitting to have a little rest. We realized that lots of people go in a certain opening inside the woods! And we just decided to discover where they are going 😀 You got it now, right 😀

Yes, we’re dump to do that! but it just happened and I don’t regret it because it was really really amazing! I never climbed some place in which there are so much nature like that before! It was just exquisite!


And that’s all what happened to us there:

When we climbed till the top, we were amazed to see a a small gym, drinks (tea, hot water,) and snacks. We were very thirsty and hoped to find cold water, but there wasn’t any. What we found there was just hot water. and we had no choice but to drink from it!!!

Then we climbed down heading to the hostel, of course, as we were in a desperate need for a shower!

After we had the shower, I thought it’s still early to end the day now and sleep, it was around 9 pm! My friend slept, but I went for a walk in the city streets. And I found a cool place called “The Red Garden”


And this video will make you feel the atmopsphere of the place (The Red Garden):

It was like a food court, and at the same time they make a show for you. I stayed there for a while then continued touring through many shops, supremarkets, night clubs and restaurants. And I went back home by 12 to find our new dorm-mates. They were three girls from Indonesia (Fera, Fitri and Yuyun)

And my next post will be about our last day in Penang, in which we, the three Indonesian girls and other sister and brother from s. Korea shared the fun in it together… 

Kuala Lumpur Day 3 (Malaysia Day 3)

And that was really a remarkable day:
(KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Thean Hou Temple, lunch and dinner at Chinese restaurants)
All with an amazing Filipino girl companion, Kaila Samson…  

I woke up by 9 am, had a shower and sat to have my breakfast and there I met our day companion Kaila from Philippine.

Me, Walid and Kaila waiting for the train to take us to the Petronas towers
Me, Walid and Kaila waiting for the train to take us to the Petronas towers

She was so hyper and funny. She didn’t have plans for the day and was ready to spend the day with us. Walid woke up by 9:30 and we went together to the Petronas towers (third highest building in the world).

We had to run to be able to catch our turn. We moved from the hostel by 9:35 am. we got to the train station and took the train to KLCC, got of the train and ran towards the towers!

The three of us inside the train
The three of us inside the train

We arrived there 9:58 thanks God as our ticket time was 10:00. Kaila had to wait for us down there. We made the booking over the internet 2 days beforehand!


Petronas Towers tocket
Petronas Towers ticket

Once we arrived at the ticket office, a guy took us and gave us a visitor ID each. Then we went to watch a short explanatory video on an air-screen. That was so nice and amazing!

That was the air-screen in which we watched the explanatory video about the Petronas Towers
That was the air-screen in which we watched the explanatory video about the Petronas Towers

And you can watch the video from here:

After the video ended they took us to the skybridge which connects the twin towers together on the 41st floor at the height of 170 m above street level and of course we took some photos there:

Me backrounded by the skybridge ;)
Me backrounded by the skybridge 😉
That's an amazing civilization! I love you Malaysia!!!
That’s an amazing civilization! I love you Malaysia!!!
What are you looking a Walid?! :D
What are you looking a Walid?! 😀


Then we went to the observation desk which is 370 m above street level and took many many photos, and those are some of them:

OMG! So high :D
OMG! So high 😀




And we also recorded a video from the 3rd highest building in the world!

And this is... Kuala Lumpur :D
And this is… Kuala Lumpur 😀
Oh! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah :D
Oh! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah 😀
That's Burj Khalifa The highest building ever n the world!
That’s Burj Khalifa The highest building in the world!
And These are the highest skyscrapers in the world. The Petronas are the third highest!
And These are the highest skyscrapers in the world. The Petronas are the third highest!

OMG! That was really amazing experience. It was quite expensive as t costed us RM80, but it was totally worth it!

Before we leave the building I just need to show you the speed of the elevator, watch this video:

Another thing which I noticed and was really really fascinated about how civilized these people are is shown in the following picture:

As you can see: "Use less paper, save more trees" and "use water wisely, our choices decide our future" I want to live in such a civilized country. period
As you can see: “Use less paper, save more trees” and “use water wisely, our choices decide our future” I want to live in such a civilized country. period


We met Kaila after we finished our tour inside the amazing towers.

Walid and Kaila at the Petronas Towers
Walid and Kaila at the Petronas Towers


Then we decided to for the biggest Chinese temple in KL which is named “Thean Hou Temple” We took the bus to the closest station near the temple, and then we had to walk about half an hour to reach there.

While we were going to Thean Hou Temple we stumbled by a Chinese school. I recorded a video for them as I liked it so much 🙂

You can watch the video from here:

Then we continued walking reaching the big temple:

While walking to the THean HOu Temple
While walking to the Thean Hou Temple

After we arrived we took some amazing photos:


The whole temple behind us
The whole temple behind us
Me and Kaila in front of the main hall
Me and Kaila in front of the main hall
Inside the main hall of the temple
Inside the main hall of the temple
This is how the view is from the higher lever of the temple
This is how the view is from the higher lever of the temple

Later on, we stumbled by a Chinese restaurant, while walking to the bus station and decided to have lunch together, and I believe we ordered noodles with chicken and shrimps. I remember it was very delicious 🙂

While eating at the Chinese restaurant
While eating at the Chinese restaurant


Then we continued walking. Reaching the bus station, we took the bus heading towards the Botanical gardens which was really really marvelous place. You can find out about that place from these photos:

Is that a real dino?!
Is that a real dino?!
So nice!
So nice!
The tree house :D
The tree house 😀

I have a story to tell about this so-called tree-house! When I saw it, I decided to get closer to it and maybe get inside it. But once I apprached it I heared a roaring sound coming from it!!! I was really terrified and I ran away from it. Later I me tWalid and Kalia and told them about it and Walid decided to try his luck, and he heard the same sound! But we discovered that there was a man sleeping inside and that voice was his… !!! OMG! 😀


So nice plants!
So nice plants!




We finished our tour in the garden, got some rest and then went back to the bus station. We jumped into the bus leaving to China Towen (where our hostel is). We arrived by 7 pm. And our (me and Walid) to Alor Star (from where we will get the ferry to Langkawi) was at 9:45 pm. We thought we have sometime for a quick last dinner together.

We got inside a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown; Kaila bought pork pie while walid had a drink and I had…

I ordered chicken claypot, and that's exactly what I got... and ate! :D
I ordered chicken claypot, and that’s exactly what I got… and ate! 😀

Then we went back to the hostel to finalize everything and bid Kaila goodbye:

A souvineer form Kaila (the little crazy Filipino girl)
A souvineer form Kaila (the little crazy Filipino girl)

Kaila was so ice to give us some Piso (Philippine currency) and  I gave her also some Egyptian pounds.

And we went to the train station, looking for much more fun at Langkawi…

At the Airport (Malaysia Day 0)

And this is how it all went during our 13 hours flight (from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur with Egyptair…)


And we started it… we took the plane leaving to Kuala Lumpur on the 13Jun14.

It’s the longest trip I’d ever had. we spend nine hours (non-stop) in which I engaged myself with reading newspapers, talking with an Algerian old man sitting beside me, listening to music, watching movies, eating and sleeping 😀

At the plane to KL
At the plane to KL

In the plane, I got the feeling that I am travelling to an Sharm El Sheikh :D. I don’t know why, but I felt familiar with almost everyone on the plane. Maybe because almost all of the were Muslims and most women were veiled. Their skin color is also very much like ours… maybe that’s why 🙂

We landed in Bangkok airport and spend our time there wondering about, in the toilet, praying, and taking some photos:

Bangkok baby!!!

Here I am at Bangkok airport! 😀
laugh Walid, lauuuugh 😀
We’re moving forward 😉
At transit hall waiting for our flight to KL. woohoooooo

Ehm! I just liked the tatoo 😀 don’t misunderstand me reader 😀

OMG! I like the tatoo 😀

And we took our flight to KL…

The flight was also so normal and there were nothing much to tell about it! However when we landed the fun started 😀 we didn’t have any Malaysian money and we knew beforehand that the exchange rate at the airport is not good. We decided to exchange our dollars at any money exchange office in the city. However we didn’t know that the city is so far from the airport and we have to take a bus to reach there which is for RM10.

We were forced to exchange money at the airport, but we changed only USD50 for both of us till we reach the city! And we took a bus there. Before we took the bus we checked many money exchange offices for the best rate, and they were all the same but we had a change to go around the airport for around one hour and of course we took some photos 😉

Never mind my big belly!
Never mind my big belly!
Kuala Lumpur baby!
Kuala Lumpur baby!
ehm! peaking at some Asian girls!!! :D
ehm! peaking at some Asian girls!!! 😀

One of the strange things I saw there is that Malaysian Muslim girls were half sleeves. OMG! They cover their head but show their elbows. That was so strange and the first girl I saw doing that was the young lady booking the bus ticket for me 🙂 I am sorry I don’t have a pic for that, but you can easily imagine that… right?! 😀

KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) Bus ticket to the city!
KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) Bus ticket to the city!

While we were waiting for the bus, we met a girl and another man from Uzbekistan! She was trying to flirt us 😀 Never mind the fact that she was not beautiful , but what about that guy sitting beside you for God’s sake!!!

Now were are on the bus, the trip too us around one hour! The airport is really very far from the city. I didn’t feel very much a stranger. Those people are very much like us!

We got off in a station near our Hostel. The weather was really hot and moist, and we were hungry. We kept looking for a local restaurant to eat at and ended up at subway 😀 But it was a unique experience there! It’s the first time for me to make my own sandwich from A to Z or I’d rather say “watch it done”! That was nice however a bit expensive!

And now we are on our way to Suzies’ (our KL hostel) of course we spend lots of time to reach there, but finally and after walking for around two hours, we reached our home in KL!

Suzy Guesthouse & Hostel cards we received once arrived
Suzy Guesthouse & Hostel cards we received once arrived


Next blog will be about our first day at KL…