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Hurghada… planning and planning and planning!!!

Abdelmenem Reyad Masjid
Abdelmenem Reyad Masjid

This day was not very fruitful!

I started my day by going to elzaeem Cafe at Aldahhar square by 8 am. I stayed there browsing the internet for more information about Hurghada.

Then I went and prayed Al Gumaa with my brother at Al mamsha elseyahi.

Then I went to take some photos and video of some accommodation entities!

Then I stumbled by Abdulmenem Reyad Masjid, in which I prayed Al Asr and stayed there until 5 pm planning and planning and planning!!!

Anyway… I hope all those plans will be applied in the next couple of days or else they would be useless!

Thanks for reading, and see you tomorrow 🙂


Hurghada and first shooting experience…

IMAG1396I started the day by sitting in “Elmazareta Zaman” CafĂ©. A very local Cafeteria near home, but the wifi there is good! It is not very clean though!!!

I stayed there for around three hours watching some videos to learn techniques from and planning for my day!

I moved towards “Elmamsha Elseyahi” by 10 am. In my way there, I found an abandoned beach in which I thought it might be a good place for shooting my video! I went there and recorded many videos. It took me around 2 hours, and I thought that I am good to go with my first video.

By 12pm, I went to Ayman, my brother, at work and stayed with him for half an hour. Then I went to a nearby cafeteria called “Arabesk” which was a bit expensive but good! There was no wifi there but the atmosphere was great. I did not need the wifi anyway as I needed to work editing my video.

I kept working on the video for around three hours, then I went back to Ayman at work and continued working for another one hour until we left.

We went home and had lunch together and I thought it might be a good idea to let them watch my video and tell me their opinions about it

They did not like it at all and they thought it was boring

I felt disappointed!

But I thought I will work on making it better or even make a new one and I will not give up!

I felt asleep from disappointment
 very early!!!

But I thought I will work on making it better or even make a new one and I will not give up!

I felt asleep from disappointment
 very early!!!

Hurghada and wish me good luck…!!!


I woke up today by 6:30am and left home by 6:45.

As usual, I went to Meshmesha Café, had my coffee there and planned my day.

I planned to collect the needed materials for my “Transportation in Hurghada” video and blog entry in Travelatory. These materials were to go to (Hurghada airport, Seqalla sq, Aka sq, and Aldhahhar sq) and record videos there about different means of transportation from/to (like planes and buses) and inside Hurghada (e.g. Microbuses, taxis and car rental).

I was caught from the police at Hurghada airport because it was not allowed to record videos at the airport! This happened after I really suffered going through lots obstacles getting to the airport! Anyways, they “released” me after “watching” all the videos I recorded and found nothing suspicious about them!!!

Anyway, I continued the journey of the day and went to the other places but realized that it is really difficult to say all the information I have in the middle of the squares especially that in each square there was an authoritative entity and I did not want to get caught again! 😀 So I snapped some photos, and recorded quickly some short video which I hope I would be able to use producing my video after adding the audio at home!

Moreover, I did not find any source that can tell me any information about microbuses (the only public transportation) routes in Hurghada! I decided to draw the routes of them on a map, but couldn’t get one either. That’s why I drew one and drew the routes on it and I hope to find an electronic method to drew them and include it in the video!

See you tomorrow!

Hurghada and hopes

IMAG1385[1]I woke up by 7:30 am, and went out to stayin Meshmesha Café. I had a cup of coffee there and planned my day.

I went to the banks to finish some financial issues, but unexpectedly it took me around 6 hours to finish all of them!

After that, I went to Samir & Aly stationary bookstores and bought a notebook and a pen.

Later I went and stayed with my bother Ayman at his workplace for about half an hour in which I had lunch!

Then I went to another cafeteria called Masr Zaman and tried to prepare for the videos about travelling.

Then I tried to go to the airport and tried to record the first video there, but I couldn’t reach there before sunset so I decided to postpone it for tomorrow.

Instead I recorded some random thoughts about my impressions about Hurghada.

See you tomorrow

Hurghada, Egypt (Day 3)

The third day was kinda a family day. That is, we went (me, my brother, his wife and his son) to a have dinner in Star Fish (the most famous restaurant in Hurghada). The restaurant was so good, elegant and the taste was excellent. These are some of the photos we had there:

IMAG0931 IMAG0933 IMAG0934 IMAG0956

Later on,

We went to the New Marina area and walked by for some time, and those are some of the photos we took there:

IMAG0979 IMAG0965 IMAG0962

And that was all for the Hurghada trip!!!

Hurghada, Egypt (Day 2)

The next day we went to another sea sports trip called “The Red Sea”. It was a fantastic low budget trip, in which we had so much fun snorkeling.

The whole team on board receiving instructions about the trip…

A really funny situation occurred: we found a small boat running after us, attaching itself to the big boat, and a guy cam out of it to sell us some chips and beverages!!!


The most beautiful thing in the trip was the amazing clear water and the sunny weather…


And that’s a short video about the whole thing!


We went home by 4pm, had lunch and slept planning to wake up by 10pm to seek some fun in the night, but it turned out that we slept until the morning!!!

Hurghada, Egypt (Day 1)

It started on 05apr15. I decided to take a trip to Hurghada.  I decided to travel by bus with East Delta. The price of the ticket was EGP80.

I took the bus at 11:55pm on the 4th of April and arrived by 5:30am the next day. The seats were a bit uncomfortable, but survivable 😀

I stayed with Ayman, my brother. So I did not have to pay for accommodation.

On the first day we went to a sea-sports trip called “Alterigo” which was really amazing:

The whole group on board!
The whole group on board!
Me and Ayman on Alterigo boat
Me and Ayman on Alterigo boat

We arrived at the boat by 8:30am, and started the fun. There were lots of activities on the boat (snorkeling, diving, fishing and banana boat)

First Day (Altrigo trip)1

swim to the boat... swim to boat!
swim to the boat… swim to boat!

Afterwards, we had dinner by 1pm, and then went to another boat, in which there is an underwater part with glass… so you can see through:

The boat from outside
The boat from outside
the boat from inside
some photos we took from inside the boat
some photos we took from inside the boat


And that’s a really short video about our experience in the seascope submarine:

Afterwards, we went home to rest. Then we tried to do something in the evening, but we ended up sitting in 2ahwa baladi at Sherry street.

We went home by 1 am and that was all for today!