Penang (Georgetown) Day 1 (Malaysia Day 7)

The Ferry trip (from Langkawi to Penang), How we met the first street hooker, Clockwise hostel, Food Paradise.


The ferry trip was a really nice one. We expected that it would take around six hours. Surprisingly, it took only around three hours! The ferry was air-conditioned however I liked the idea that they allow you to stay outside on the deck of the ferry. I took advantage of that and spend 90% of the trip out there enjoying the ocean.

I didn’t expect to find that huge number of Arabs in the ferry; nearly 60% of the ferry passengers were Arabs. Most of them were honeymooners.

Once we reached the harbor, we did really find the difference between the atmosphere that Langkawi created. Langkawi is really a quite island for relaxation, while Penang is a busy city just like Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t like how taxi drivers received us with insistence that we should ride with any of them. However we ignored just all of them! Our hostel was just of a 15 minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

We bought a drink from a drink machine near the ferry terminal and started the walk relying on the GPS of my mobile. Unfortunately, the battery died before we could reach there, and we started the guessing!

And after 30 minutes of walk, we decided to stop and search for a place where we can recharge the mobile and go GPS again! And before we sat in Subway, I met the first street hooker in my life! OMG! They are for real!!! There are some girls who dress in a certain kind of cloth wearing excessive make-up making special sexy movements with their body to grab your attention! And, most important, is the whistle they make to make you look at them and notice their existence. I knew that it’s unique because all street-hooker were doing it there!

Although the time was around 6 pm, and it was like 2 hours before sunset, she was standing there in a corner, cornering her body on a scooter and whistling for any passerby. And I was one of them! Anyway, we just passed by her without giving her much attention, but of course we didn’t stop talking about her for a while! 😀

We stayed at Subway for around half an hour until the mobile was quarterly recharged. We started the walk again and on our way we met another guy who volunteered to help through providing us with lots of information about the city  which was fairly valuable. Then we went to the clockwise hostel. Where is it?! The GPS says it’s here! But there are no hostels here!!!

We found a pretty young carpenter girl working in the street in some chairs. We asked her: “excuse me, where can I find clockwise hostel?” She smiled to us and said: “Welcome! Do you have a reservation?” We said: “yeaaas!” And… she guided us through a really tiny door without any sign on it that tells it’s a hostel!

We knew that the place was new and that’s why it was offering a lot for a really cheap price! We booked in an AC 8 bed dorm for RM23/night. That’s really cheap! The place was really clean and well-maintained. The WiFi was super-fast. The AC was functioning great and silent. However, they didn’t have drinking water or a proper place to sit at except a small one and it was hot and dark. The main hall/cafe was still under-construction!

We got inside the dorm, had a quick shower and decided to go walk down the streets!

We heard that Penang is a food paradise, and that’s why we tastes so many kinds of food along our way!

At Penang

And we just toured around the city at night, walking through some bars, passing by street-hookers and resting at different kinds of restaurants 😉

We went back to the hostel around 12 am to find our roommates there in the dorm. It was a high school trip to Penang from Kuala Lumpur. They were really nice guys. We spent some two hours speaking about different topics till we felt asleep!

And Tomorrow is the big day at Penang… Follow me, if you don’t want to miss it!


A real night in a non-nightlife city (Langkawi, Malaysia)

Langkawi is known for for it’s beautiful amazing nature, but unfortunately you cannot enjoy your night out there. Except for one place called Sunba. However, and thanks to the hostel guy, I think I should mention it’s name. (Zackry Guesthouse). We all shared RM10 and brought a band to party in the main hall of the hostel. And that’s a video of this unforgettable night:

Langkawi Day 3 (Malaysia Day 6)

 Cable Car, The Seven Wells Waterfall, The taxi driver, Lunch at the ferry Terminal, Langkawi Eagle


And here we go for the last day at Langkawi…

Waking up a little late by 9am (we were planning to wake up by 7am) made us cancel going to Pentai Tengah Beach!

Scooter and Nature
Scooter and Nature

We rode the scooter and headed to Langkawi’s cable car… on the way nature was really breathtaking:

IMAG2778 IMAG2796 IMAG2817

We decided not to take the cable car, because we were really in a low budget. It’s cost was RM30. We went to a cafe there, to have a drink or something and take a break. Then we headed to

The Seven Wells Waterfall

IMAG2840 IMAG2832

It happened that we found some locals enjoying their time there. It was Friday (weekend), so I guess that’s why we met lots of locals there…

Locals enjoying secen wells waterfalls
Locals enjoying seven wells waterfalls

We continued climbing, but it seemed that the climb doesn’t have a dead-end.

And a snake found us, which Walid tried to catch 😀 :

We reached a certain area after which we thought it would be really dangerous to proceed!

At Langkawi10

This place could be only for the fit! You really climb a long way up!!!

We were sorry seeing that the time is now 11:30. We must go back now and pack our thing for the ferry at 2 pm.

We arrived at the hostel after returning the bike by 12:30. packed our bags and leaved by 1:00.

We took a taxi to the ferry terminal. The taxi driver was really a very interesting guy. We found in his car coins from almost all countries. I asked him whether he has the Egyptian Pound or not (I could have given it to him,) but he told me that he has it and showed it to me :D.

Then he started talking about the country and differences between Arab tourists and Europeans/Americans. It was common there that Arabs have lots of money and that they stay in the most expensive resorts, while Europeans/Americans are really very careful about spending their money that they almost don’t spend anything. We came across this subject because we saw a European backpacker walking from the ferry terminal to Pentai Cenang (around 40 KM) in a really hot weather and burning sun. He told us: “this guy was bargaining with me about the fare. He only wanted to pay RM15, while the fare is RM30. Most Europeans and Americans here wait at the ferry terminal for others to share the fare. They sometimes wait for long hours, and if they didn’t find any, they either walk or just pay the RM30.” He was really interesting and his English was very good unlike most locals.

We arrived at the ferry terminal by 1:15. We were hungry so we went to the ferry terminal food court to have something to eat:

At Langkawi12

The place was really nice, and the food was not expensive, We took a good meal with a drink for RM8 each! But the taste was lacking the Asian touch. It was a bit Americanized!

It’s now 1:30. We still have 30 minutes and we didn’t take photos with Langkawi Eagle!!!

Yes, we headed there quickly! We RAN to it, took some photos:

At Langkawi13

recorded a video:

and left Also RUNNING 😀 to the ferry which headed to Penang island just on time 🙂


And let’s call it a post :D… I will post about my our stay in Penang island/Georgetown in the next post inshaallah (God willing)…

Langkawi Day 2 (Malaysia Day 5)

The accident!, Mt. Raya, Perdana Gallery, Durian Perangin Waterfall, black sand beach, dinner at the family restaurant, The Mosque incident, Cenang street


And that was a real day with real nature stuffed with lots of new encounters in an amazing kind of nature!

This is Langkawi… nature that rocks and revives your soul…

Let’s start the day together by waking up by 9 am. We previously knew that there is no transportation in Langkawi and that the only way we can get around in the island is by taxi (very expensive) or renting a scooter/car. Scooter rental average was RM40 and Cars retal average was RM100.

At Langkawi5

We went to the renting shop by 10 am and we choose a nice scooter only for RM30 for a full day! And that was a very good price!!! we took the scooter and started our drive:

The paper map that I had in Langkawi
The paper map that I had in Langkawi

That’s the map we used as a guide throughout our drive. We also had another small booklet that gave us tips about roads not to miss and important sightseeing. Our place “Pentai Tengah” is located SW of the map! we started by taking the road to the NE. We drove about 30 minutes enjoying nature everywhere:



And suddenly! The rear Tyre  boomed!!!

OMG!!! Slow down…

Oooooh!!! Are we going to die here?!

We slipped for at least 50 meters and the bike stopped!

And we discovered that the Tyre is very soft!

Ouh! That son of a ***** who rented us a bad bike that could have resulted to our death here!!!

OMG! What are we gonna do now?!

That was the scooter that wished to kill us!
That was the scooter that wished to kill us!

A resident of the city saw us and guided us to a nearby repairing shop. Thanks God that it was close by! We went the the shop and told him about what happened and he told us that the Tyre is not good for use and needs to be changed. I told him that I rented the bike and he requested that I call the company and give him the phone to talk to them and I did. They agreed to fix it for RM80. I will pay the money and take it back from the company with the receipt. That was fair enough and I did so. We waited around an hour for the bike to be repaired. Then we took the bike back to the renting agency!

OMG! I was just about to die!!!
OMG! I was just about to die!!!


Of course, I told him I don’t want any bikes from you, and give me my money back. He refused telling me that he will give me another bike: the one that I choose! I agreed on one condition: I get a bigger one as a compensation from the agency (RM40 rate) plus that he extends the time of rental 2 hours! Undoubtedly, we checked every part of the bike before taking in and it looked perfect.


OMG! That was really near death!

Anyway we didn’t let that mare our day and we decided to head to “Mt. Raya,” which is the tallest peak in Langkawi. You can find it right in the middle of the map.

And in our way we stopped by many amazing nature to take some photos like these:









And that was a really short video taken while riding… it shows beautiful nature:

The trip up to the mt. was very interesting. Really, that’s almost what we enjoyed most in Langkawi. At that time of the day the weather was really hot and moist, but the higher we climbed the cooler the air became! Nature was amazing on both sides along the way. We even met many animals like cows and monkeys! 😀

We kept climbing, until we reached the top and spend some really quality time up there:






And we even videoed some of those wonderful moments:

It’s a bit of a crazy video, but I hope you like it!

On our way down we met some monkeys!

Then we drove enjoying nature everywhere till we reached Perdana Gallery. This is a collection of all the gifts that Mahatir Mohamed (former Prime minister) received. And they are all really beautiful showing different cultures from many places of the world. The Gallery also includes an exhibition of all the achievements of Mahatir Mohamed and his wife and of course it includes the history of the period he ruled in it, and a biography of his life. I remember a word I red for him which I replied to in a loud voice: he said: “I want everyone to respect Malaysia” and I replied to him: “now everyone respects Malaysia Mahatir” 🙂 . The entry fee is RM10 and it’s totally worth it. We didn’t have much time so we couldn’t take photos of everything fantastic there, but here is a bit of it!

At Langkawi6

Then we ran to the amazing “Durian Perangin Waterfall” which was really a magnificent inter-counter with nature 🙂 The place is really well-maintained and nature cannot be better than that!!!

At Langkawi7

At Langkawi8









And we talked about “Durian Perangin Waterfall”  here:

Then we had to run to catch the sunset by the “black sand beach”



We stayed by the beach for some time enjoying sunset like never before! Of course we wanted to take more photos and videos but unfortunately the battery was dead. And by coincidence our batteries were also dead :D. We went to look for a place to eat in.

And while driving we came across a really wonderful restaurant. The place was on a highway and it was more of a house offering food rather than a restaurant! It as a house putting some tables in front of it for guests to sit and eat!


And they were like a family. No, it was actually a family (husband, wife, son and daughter). The husband stayed inside and didn’t appear except when we failed to understand each other (me and the woman because she doesn’t speak English or Arabic). The wife was the cook and she was Thai, and of course she made amazing food. Best I ever had there! The daughter was about 16 years old and she acted like a waitress. The little boy was sitting there and eating. 😀

Then we continued driving in the city for a while, and we stumbled by a Masjid (mosque). And is was time for Ishaa prayer. We decided to go and pray. And a really funny situation happened! 😀

We parked the scooter inside the building area and suddenly a young man with underwear appeared for us out of the blue! 😀 He looked like a gangster and started talking Malayo (of course we didn’t understand a word). So he started shouting (seems like he was calling for somebody). And out of the building a whole family in underwears appeared.

OMG! That’s a house and not a mosque. The man (head of the family) understood English. We apologized and went to the mosque (the building right beside it)!

Note: street signs can be misleading!

OMG! That was super embarrassing!

Anyway, we went to pray in masjid. It was empty and we didn’t find except one person (who was very old). He offered us to wear Izar (a piece of cloth that you tie around your waist). In their believes, you should wear that in your prayers, if you were wearing a trousers. But we didn’t take it and prayed without it.


It was really weird that they just prayed after Azan directly. In my country, Egypt, we usually wait for around 15 minutes.

We finished praying and started driving. It was around 9 pm. And we thought it’s really early to go home now! so we starting hitting new streets, but quickly we realized that:

  1. It’s very dark and we cannot see anything around us.
  2. Driving is not enjoyable in the city at night.
  3. Driving at night is really dangerous in Langkawi.

So we went to Cenang street. Stopped by Mac for a driving break. And we got Ice-cream for RM1 only!

It’s now about 11pm. We thought there is not much to enjoy or do, so we went back to the hostel and decided to wake up by 7 am (we have a ferry at 2pm and there are lots of things we still need to enjoy in Langkawi)!


About the third Day in Langkawi, will be my next post… I hope you enjoyed my posts so far… !!!

Langkawi Day 1 (Malaysia Day 4)

How we went from KL to Langkawi by train and ferry and what happened, Local fruits, Local food, A big night party at the hostel

Selfie with the bestie 😉 

As you may guess from my previous post, we are going to Langkawi via train and ferry!

Yes, I know it will take so long and yes it took us around 16 hours to reach there, but we did that for two reasons:

  1. We want to enjoy the nature and hit new grounds everywhere in Malaysia.
  2. It was much more cheaper (we found a very cheap air-ticket for RM80 + RM20 for baggage + RM28 extra night at the hostel. That’s a total of RM128). We did for only RM47 (Train ticket RM22 + Ferry ticket RM25 and we slept in the train!).

We enjoyed the trip so much and saved lots of money! That’s why I would recommend it for everyone.

We took the train at 10 pm the previous day. (don’t forget to bring with you some food to eat as we did! It’s an eleven hours shoot)! The seats of the train wasn’t very much comfortable for sleeping, but I cannot complain. The price was really low!

We slept and slept and slept that we missed our station! OMG! Yes, we did miss our station, but that was another adventure to tell:


In order to take the ferry to Langkawi you must get off the train in either Alor setar or Arau stations. Then you take a taxi to either Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. We made the booking to Alor Setar and also booked the ferry from Kuala Kedah. We missed the train station of Alor Setar and got off on another station after it.

Now, we have the choice of  taking a taxi to Kuala Perlis (very expensive) and also book new tickets from the ferry station (as we contacted the ferry call center and they told us that our tickets are non-exchangeable)!


The other risky choice of waiting for train coming back from Bangkok to drop us at Alor Setar. And I say risky because time was too short for that. But we did it:

And that’s a video we did on the Thai train and how we felt about feeling lost!

Once we arrived Alor Setar we took a taxi for only RM15 (which we paid happily). And we reached Kuala Kedah 15 minutes before the departure time of the ferry

The ferry :D
The ferry 😀
Us inside the ferry :)
Us inside the ferry 🙂

Arriving at Langkawi island by 2 pm, we took a taxi (the only way) for RM30 (unified fare) to our hostel:

Ferry terminal (upon arrival at Langkawi)
Ferry terminal (upon arrival at Langkawi)

Our hostel at Langkawi was Zackry Guesthouse, located in Pentai Tengah (10 minutes walk to Pentai Cenang).

some snaps for Zackry guesthouse
some snaps for Zackry guesthouse

upon arrival, we thought the place is a little bit weird and yes it was 😀 As you may notice, the place is not a building it’s rather a very small suburb of itself! It’s a group of small buildings grouped together in a street junction!

One of those is the reception and you can find in it a Big TV screen, bar, some tables and a small office for the receptionist. The receptionist is the weirdest of all on that place! You will find him so funky and… I cannot describe him but to say “weirdo”


Ah! Forgot to tell you about the dogs: there were three dogs at that place who seem to be the owners! They look nice, but sometimes I was afraid to come close to them!!!

That's the room we stayed in!
That’s the room we stayed in!

We went to get some rest at our rooms. Then we quickly decided to go for a walk around the city. So we went to Cenang street!

While we were going out of the hostel, the weird man told us that they are bringing a reggae musical band to the hostel today and there will be a big night today in the hostel, and asked us to share the fun with them and pay RM10 each! We didn’t agree and thought that it’s better to go around the city we are here just for two days only!

We went out wandering about the streets without having any plan.

Different Malaysian fruits.
Different Malaysian fruits.

We found a fruits shop and decided to go and check what fruits are there in this spot of the world! And you can see most of what we found in the picture!

Then we went on looking for a place to eat at Cenang. We stumbled by a really really very good Indian restaurant there. I am sorry I don’t remember it’s name but it was towards the end of the street on your right hand if you were coming from Pentai Tengah.

eating egg pie :D
eating egg pie 😀

That was only for RM1.50.

On our way, we went inside a big mall in the Cenang street. There is nothing much to see in it, however if you need to take some rest from the moist hot weather, sure it will be the right place!!!

Then we wanted to taste some fruits (never tasted before) and it was the dragon fruit!:

At Langkawi3
Me and Walid eating dragon fruit at Pentai Cenang

That was only for around RM3.20. We asked the guy to buy us a big one and cut it for us!

Then we went and walked a little by the beach at night for a little bit:

At Langkawi2
Cenang beach at night

Now the time is 8:30 pm and we found out there is nothing much to do in the city, so we decided to go back to the hostel, and share the fun with the other guys!!! 😀

And it was really so much fun!!!

Pictures of the amazing night we spent at Zackry guesthouse
Pictures of the amazing night we spent at Zackry guesthouse

The weird guy appeared to be very much in the right place that night 😀 Yes, there was lots of dancing, and fun! Also we got to know two very nice  girls from London, and spent the night together chatting, dancing and having fun! I cannot talk about the party or describe it more the photos and the video says everything!

And you gotta watch this video:

The party ended by 12:30 midnight. Some of the guys went for an after party at the only nightclub in Langkawi Sunba. Some went to bed. Others like me went for a little walk in nature… later for bed!!!

Next post is about too many things done at Langkawi (the second day)… don’t miss it!!!

Kuala Lumpur Day 3 (Malaysia Day 3)

And that was really a remarkable day:
(KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Thean Hou Temple, lunch and dinner at Chinese restaurants)
All with an amazing Filipino girl companion, Kaila Samson…  

I woke up by 9 am, had a shower and sat to have my breakfast and there I met our day companion Kaila from Philippine.

Me, Walid and Kaila waiting for the train to take us to the Petronas towers
Me, Walid and Kaila waiting for the train to take us to the Petronas towers

She was so hyper and funny. She didn’t have plans for the day and was ready to spend the day with us. Walid woke up by 9:30 and we went together to the Petronas towers (third highest building in the world).

We had to run to be able to catch our turn. We moved from the hostel by 9:35 am. we got to the train station and took the train to KLCC, got of the train and ran towards the towers!

The three of us inside the train
The three of us inside the train

We arrived there 9:58 thanks God as our ticket time was 10:00. Kaila had to wait for us down there. We made the booking over the internet 2 days beforehand!


Petronas Towers tocket
Petronas Towers ticket

Once we arrived at the ticket office, a guy took us and gave us a visitor ID each. Then we went to watch a short explanatory video on an air-screen. That was so nice and amazing!

That was the air-screen in which we watched the explanatory video about the Petronas Towers
That was the air-screen in which we watched the explanatory video about the Petronas Towers

And you can watch the video from here:

After the video ended they took us to the skybridge which connects the twin towers together on the 41st floor at the height of 170 m above street level and of course we took some photos there:

Me backrounded by the skybridge ;)
Me backrounded by the skybridge 😉
That's an amazing civilization! I love you Malaysia!!!
That’s an amazing civilization! I love you Malaysia!!!
What are you looking a Walid?! :D
What are you looking a Walid?! 😀


Then we went to the observation desk which is 370 m above street level and took many many photos, and those are some of them:

OMG! So high :D
OMG! So high 😀




And we also recorded a video from the 3rd highest building in the world!

And this is... Kuala Lumpur :D
And this is… Kuala Lumpur 😀
Oh! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah :D
Oh! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah 😀
That's Burj Khalifa The highest building ever n the world!
That’s Burj Khalifa The highest building in the world!
And These are the highest skyscrapers in the world. The Petronas are the third highest!
And These are the highest skyscrapers in the world. The Petronas are the third highest!

OMG! That was really amazing experience. It was quite expensive as t costed us RM80, but it was totally worth it!

Before we leave the building I just need to show you the speed of the elevator, watch this video:

Another thing which I noticed and was really really fascinated about how civilized these people are is shown in the following picture:

As you can see: "Use less paper, save more trees" and "use water wisely, our choices decide our future" I want to live in such a civilized country. period
As you can see: “Use less paper, save more trees” and “use water wisely, our choices decide our future” I want to live in such a civilized country. period


We met Kaila after we finished our tour inside the amazing towers.

Walid and Kaila at the Petronas Towers
Walid and Kaila at the Petronas Towers


Then we decided to for the biggest Chinese temple in KL which is named “Thean Hou Temple” We took the bus to the closest station near the temple, and then we had to walk about half an hour to reach there.

While we were going to Thean Hou Temple we stumbled by a Chinese school. I recorded a video for them as I liked it so much 🙂

You can watch the video from here:

Then we continued walking reaching the big temple:

While walking to the THean HOu Temple
While walking to the Thean Hou Temple

After we arrived we took some amazing photos:


The whole temple behind us
The whole temple behind us
Me and Kaila in front of the main hall
Me and Kaila in front of the main hall
Inside the main hall of the temple
Inside the main hall of the temple
This is how the view is from the higher lever of the temple
This is how the view is from the higher lever of the temple

Later on, we stumbled by a Chinese restaurant, while walking to the bus station and decided to have lunch together, and I believe we ordered noodles with chicken and shrimps. I remember it was very delicious 🙂

While eating at the Chinese restaurant
While eating at the Chinese restaurant


Then we continued walking. Reaching the bus station, we took the bus heading towards the Botanical gardens which was really really marvelous place. You can find out about that place from these photos:

Is that a real dino?!
Is that a real dino?!
So nice!
So nice!
The tree house :D
The tree house 😀

I have a story to tell about this so-called tree-house! When I saw it, I decided to get closer to it and maybe get inside it. But once I apprached it I heared a roaring sound coming from it!!! I was really terrified and I ran away from it. Later I me tWalid and Kalia and told them about it and Walid decided to try his luck, and he heard the same sound! But we discovered that there was a man sleeping inside and that voice was his… !!! OMG! 😀


So nice plants!
So nice plants!




We finished our tour in the garden, got some rest and then went back to the bus station. We jumped into the bus leaving to China Towen (where our hostel is). We arrived by 7 pm. And our (me and Walid) to Alor Star (from where we will get the ferry to Langkawi) was at 9:45 pm. We thought we have sometime for a quick last dinner together.

We got inside a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown; Kaila bought pork pie while walid had a drink and I had…

I ordered chicken claypot, and that's exactly what I got... and ate! :D
I ordered chicken claypot, and that’s exactly what I got… and ate! 😀

Then we went back to the hostel to finalize everything and bid Kaila goodbye:

A souvineer form Kaila (the little crazy Filipino girl)
A souvineer form Kaila (the little crazy Filipino girl)

Kaila was so ice to give us some Piso (Philippine currency) and  I gave her also some Egyptian pounds.

And we went to the train station, looking for much more fun at Langkawi…