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Travel Guide | Budget Sleeping in Hurghada


Get to know the best options and places for a budget sleeping in Hurghada.

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Transportation in Hurghada, Egypt


Transportation in Hurghada is a bit tricky, you can save lots of money by just understanding how the transportation system works! discover how it works be watching the video above!!! Check Hurghada’s important phone numbers from here: Hurghada Tele Getting in & Getting out: 1. Planes

most common domestic flights to Hurghada most common domestic flights to Hurghada

2. Buses:

Most common bus routes to Hurghada Most common bus routes to Hurghada

Bus timetable with prices Bus timetable with prices

3. Ferry Getting around: Get Familiar with Hurghada by checking the maps:

Hurghada map Hurghada map

Aldahhar Map Aldahhar Map

Sakala Map Sakala Map

Elmamsha map Elmamsha map

1. Minibuses:

Microbuses map in Hurghada... Microbuses map in Hurghada…

2. Taxis

3. Car rental

Please check the video for more details

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Why learn to dive in Hurghada?

Good entry about why to dive in Hurghada.

The Roving Traveller

I have been diving for about ten years now. I’ve travelled around the world and enjoyed a lot of different amazing diving from Australia to South America. I love diving. I did my open water in Hurghada as I was travelling around Egypt with my sister. We had a great time. We chose it for value as we were impoverished students but it turned out to be a great choice. I continued to dive and then last year decided to work towards my dive master. I chose to return to the place I completed my open water.

Value for Money:

I live in the UK so I can get very cheap flights from London. The cost of the hotel was approximately £10 per night – OK, I had to bargain but the dive centre helped out as they are just next door.  The diving is incredibly cheap – and you can…

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Ilios Diving Club Hurghada

A well illustrated diving experience in hurghada!

Dives and travels of an adventurous girl!

I went diving in Hurghada with Ilios Diving Club (, located in the Steigenberger Al Dau Resort, Hurghada, Egypt. It is located at the beach of Steigenberger, only a few metres from a private marina, where they park their diving boats.Ilios Dive Club

Ilios Dive Centre1

Dive Centre2

Ilios Diving Club is a very organized and experienced dive centre that can accommodate big diving groups, taking them daily to different dive sites. There are daily dive trips that depart from the marina in the morning and return at around 16:00, with the option of a lunch buffet on board (for an additional charge).

Dive Boats


agra getting ready


agra after dive

jump stride

Dive sites I visited:

agra diving

Abu Ramada North/ South

Two small islands surrounded by a single reef. Lots of sting rays, sea snakes, parrot fish and lion fish Ras Disha

A reef dive where i got to see giant moray eels, stonefish, sting rays and several sea snakes








Police Station (Giftun island)

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